Fellas you ever wonder why your girl switches up on you after yall become an official couple? Why exactly do women fall in love with a man and then expect us to automatically fall in love with them simultaneously? The answers to these questions along with many more are answered on the greatest radio show that never was, The Black Phillip Show. Are you familiar with The Black Phillip Show? Probably not unless you’re a big Patrice Oneal fan like me. Black Phillip was a short lived often delayed radio show on XM starring none other than comedian extraordinaire Patrice Oneal. His co-host and solid wingman Dante Nero helped ground the show with a constant flow of straight man talk. The “hole”(industry term for female host) for the show constantly changed during its run but each one added something to the puzzle.

Patrice is known for his strong feelings regarding women and how they treat men. Ultimately he doesn’t like women and tries his best to let them know exactly why men as a whole don’t like them. For men who are heterosexual, Patrice is spitting pure gospel on every show. He also stays at a level the average man can relate to. He talks about issues with his own woman and how he constantly fights to overcome everyday relationship pitfalls.

Unfortunately The Black Phillip Show never really took off and it’s now a footnote in history. I would love for this show to come back and get some new episodes but the fact is all we have now are the memories. If you are a fan let Patrice know. He’s on Twitter (like everyone else) under @BIGMOMMAPRODS.

In order to relive the magic that was this show I’ve uploaded a few of the earlier episodes. If you guys dig it and let me know I’ll put more up. Please note there is a ton of explicit language used on this show. Those who are faint of heart and can’t take harsh words in proper context need not apply. With that said…enjoy!

The Black Phillip Show DOWNLOAD


Mobile Suit Gundam

November 24, 2010

I’ve recently taken up watching the original Gundam series. I first got into Gundam through the Wing series that used to air on Cartoon Network back in the 90s (when the network was worth a damn). That show was so ill to me back then. Ironically it was a cartoon that showed me how war can easily be without a good or a bad guy. Instead the two warring factions were just countries with opposing interests. Neither was necessarily good. A lot of people were killed and in the end the victors were the ones with the strongest military backup.

Now that I’m watching this original Gundam show I see they start out by letting the viewer know that both sides have killed about the same amount of people. So no one is better than the other in that respect. One faction called Zeon is fighting for independence. They never go into why they want independence, at least not yet. You just automatically go for the side which has the Gundam because you see it’s people being killed randomly by military attack. The problem is you never see why they are being attacked to begin with.

I really like the pacing of the show and the action is very good. However seeing how there’s a sever lack of sappy dialogue (a good thing) I’m left wondering why some of the later iterations of the Gundam franchise (see Gundamn Seed Destiny & Gundam 00) have such a soap opera feel to them. The animation used in Mobile Suit Gundam is very dated but that doesn’t deter me. I still play Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for the NES so that shows you where my need for visual stimulation lies.

So if you like old anime and need something to watch, give Mobile Suit Gundam a shot. I watch it on Crunchyroll.com

Ed’s Remix of the Week

November 19, 2010

Ed’s remix of the week is back after a short hiatus. What can I say, things are busy but I still want to pass on some gems from the good brother Ed. I’ll let him intro this one as well. Here’s Ed…

We’re taking this next remix back to the borough of Queens. Mobb Deep’s partner in crime Big Noyd never really got his due unlike his peers Havoc & Prodigy. But the man knew how to spit and at times shined on tracks such as “Give Up The Goods.” He finally had a chance to drop an album (or an EP of sorts): “Episodes Of A Hustla.” But while he never had the chance to finish polishing up the project, the album still managed to drop in ’96. This remix comes from none other than Stretch Armstrong. So check it out!

Big Noyd – The Usual Suspects (Stretch Armstrong Remix)

You like hip hop? I know that sounds like I’m standing outside of Fatbeats (R.I.P) trying to sell you my latest CD-R of hot music straight from the Mecca of hip hop. But I’m not. I haven’t made up my own rap in years (not counting freestyle sessions at my boy K-Dot’s crib in Jersey). However in this age filled with disposable music accompanied by a lack of disposable income I present to you all Von Pea. Von is 1/2 (much success to Ilyas in his solo career) of the rap group Tanya Morgan. Von is a fellow Brooklynite and student of the Rap School of Lyrics. On the Tanya Morgan albums you can tell that he puts serious thought into his lyrics. His solo album is no different.

Pea’s Gotta Have It is Von Pea’s first solo album. It’s the second solo release from Tanya Morgan since Donwill’s album “Don Cusack In High Fidelity”. Von chose his solo debut to revisit his childhood a bit (a man after my own heart). This album is the record Von wanted to make when he was still in grade school. Many of the songs deal with juvenile issues like open school night, the importance of new sneakers and the all important battle of the sexes. I love that this album is compact and chocked full of style. The songs are actual songs, not just verses on beats. The production handled by Aeon, Brick Beats and Von himself is perfect for this project.

The first single “The Yorker” is redic and should easily fit into a radio format (but who cares). The songs where Von discusses his involvement with women never seem forced and all have a sense of respect and wonder that keeps you coming back. Get Violated sounds like a record The Fresh Prince would have made during his hey day and seems like a homage to one of Von’s favorite rappers. The Aeon produced Boombox seems to be my favorite song although that changes almost every time I listen to the album.

These days I find it hard to sit with albums and come away with an experience that satisfying. A lot of albums have the staying power of mixtapes with about the same level of depth. Von stares that trend in the face and comes with something original and with purpose. So stop playing yourself and cop this album.


Ed’s Remix of the Week

November 4, 2010

You know my buddy Ed has been writing nice little summaries for these songs so I’m gonna start giving him more shine. So here’s Ed…

Our next remix comes from the Artifacts coming straight from New Jerz. Their first album: “Between A Rock and A Hard Place” was an awesome underground classic with production being handled from the likes of T-Ray, Buckwild & Redman. Tame One & El Da Sensei were not only known for complimenting each other nicely when they rhymed line after line on joints such as “Wrong Side Of Da Tracks” & “C’mon Wit Da Git Down,” but for tagging as well. Enjoy this remix!

Artifacts – C’mon Wit Da Git Down (Buckwild Remix)