Tanya Morgan continues to keep the Brooklynati movement moving with their new video Bang + Boogie. One of my favorite joints on the album (Just Not True is my absolute fav). This video showcases why we need more acts like these brothers on the scene. Also, peep Von Pea rocking that good MG Performance Shell. Looks fly right? You want one don’t you? Hit us up so you don’t miss the bus.



What can I say that hasn’t been said? The man from Boston who blessed Brooklyn with his presence is now gone in the physical form. Being a hip hop head from Brownsville, Brooklyn I’ve always loved the music of Gangstarr. How two folks with origins outside of NY could come to Brooklyn, and create musical heaven is beyond me. East New York mourns the loss of Guru the great.

What is his legacy? I wont comment on the uncertain things out there regarding a certain producer. What I will say is, because of GURU I know that lemonade was a popular drink. Some would say that its “mostly the voice” that cements his legacy. I think it’s a man who thought to push boundaries beyond what the corner cats would dig and still kept them with him. Jazzmatazz was a great idea that he made a reality. Let us celebrate the life of Keith Elam aka GURU.

Old School Mondays

April 19, 2010

Soul music is the food of my spirit so I want to take today to celebrate soul music.

Sorry for the quality but you know how ****** is with his stuff. Great song.

I learned about this song working retail. Shouts to Ann Taylor Loft store cds lol.

One of the greatest to ever do it, may he rest in peace.

This weekend the Museum of Natural History in NYC is having a huge event celebrating the embrace of both Bollywood films and Japanese anime by America. I am a huge fan of Anime and therefore will be in attendance. If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday or Sunday during the day, this is your event. There will be a few films being shown on both Saturday and Sunday, PLUS a live performance. A Japanese hip hop artist named Shing02 is gonna perform on both days. Look at the video below for an example of how dope Shing02 is.

Full Event Info

The sponsors of the 2nd HHK Championship, VTech put together a reel for the event. Watching this video got me super jittery and makes me sad I’m gonna miss the next HHK this month. It’s all good though, because instead I’ll be enjoying my birthday in Japan (pics to come). Enjoy the video and I’m still waiting for the individual performance videos to come out. I need to see Doni D’s “Gimme Some More” again, he killed it.


The Sounds of VTech / hhk_2010vid