My favorite comic of the moment is none other than Boston’s own Patrice Oneal. I became an instant fan once I heard his short lived show The Black Phillip Show on XM radio. The man is nothing short of a genius. His perspective on life and relationships is simply amazing in my opinion. I spend many days at my office listening to him expound on many mundane points of life on the Opie and Anthony Show also on Sirius/XM. I listen to these Patrice so much I feel like I know the guy. But I don’t. (I do know his wife though and she’s cool as a fan)

Today on my way to work I was listening to an old episode of Black Phillip when I learned that something bad was going on with Patrice. I immediately checked once I got in the office and learned that he had a stroke last week. The word went out a week later because Jimmy Norton (co-host of Opie and Anthony) announced it with his family’s blessing. The guys on O&A are like Patrice’s family so it makes sense for them to announce it.

I took a lot for me not to tear up upon hearing this news. I’ve seen Patrice twice live in my life. The first time was for his Comedy Central special “Elephant In The Room” (available on Netflix) and the other time at Carolines. Both shows were great. You gotta appreciate a man who has an opinion and is not afraid to express it to the world. Nobody knows outside of his immediate family if he’s getting better or worse. I pray that he’s getting better. The world needs a man like Patrice to tell it like it is and not like it was.

For those of you who are in the dark about who this great comedian is…check the joint.

(Be prepared for quite a bit of cursing on top of amazing insight!)