Lets give it another shot

October 16, 2008

If you look at my last post you can see I pretty much gave up on this whole blog thing. Now that I’m rolling with team Mother Green I’m doing more writing and wanting to put up more and more content. Hell I might start doing videos to really get involved.

So this is me in a nutshell. I’m Dashaun aka 13Rose, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I was raised in Brownsville spending weekends in Bed Stuy and Ft. Greene. My worldview has been shaped as a black male growing up around intellectuals, gangsters, high school dropouts, shoplifters, teenage moms and drug dealers. When I look back on my life it really was that heavy on the lean towards negative influences. Hell I think the reason I have a somewhat decent life is that my parents kept a book in front of me at a young age. As a result I graduated High School on time (when 75% of the kids on my block didn’t) and eventually graduated with a BBA from Baruch College. Now I work in advertising, perform hip hop karaoke for fun and overall love my life.

I will use this blog again to exercise my writing itch and share my likes and dislikes with the world.

Starting with tonight’s event. I’m going to see TV on the Radio in concert here in NYC. My boy’s brother Jaleel is the drummer for the band. My brother Just has been a big fan of this band for a minute now. I’ve tried in the past to get into their stuff and it didn’t grab me. This morning I played their first album and I admit I liked a few songs. I’ve been on a big concert kick lately. I went to see Raphael Saadiq last week. BANGING. Then I saw Digable Planets in Times Sq. That was dope too. I’ve got an upcoming Maxwell concert which is gonna be icing on the cake. I can’t wait (c) Sleepy Brown

So give me a shout, and let me know what you think about my blogging.
Peace and Love

Dashaun from Brooklyn
DashaunWorld INC.