All Praise Is Due To Black Phillip!

November 29, 2010

Fellas you ever wonder why your girl switches up on you after yall become an official couple? Why exactly do women fall in love with a man and then expect us to automatically fall in love with them simultaneously? The answers to these questions along with many more are answered on the greatest radio show that never was, The Black Phillip Show. Are you familiar with The Black Phillip Show? Probably not unless you’re a big Patrice Oneal fan like me. Black Phillip was a short lived often delayed radio show on XM starring none other than comedian extraordinaire Patrice Oneal. His co-host and solid wingman Dante Nero helped ground the show with a constant flow of straight man talk. The “hole”(industry term for female host) for the show constantly changed during its run but each one added something to the puzzle.

Patrice is known for his strong feelings regarding women and how they treat men. Ultimately he doesn’t like women and tries his best to let them know exactly why men as a whole don’t like them. For men who are heterosexual, Patrice is spitting pure gospel on every show. He also stays at a level the average man can relate to. He talks about issues with his own woman and how he constantly fights to overcome everyday relationship pitfalls.

Unfortunately The Black Phillip Show never really took off and it’s now a footnote in history. I would love for this show to come back and get some new episodes but the fact is all we have now are the memories. If you are a fan let Patrice know. He’s on Twitter (like everyone else) under @BIGMOMMAPRODS.

In order to relive the magic that was this show I’ve uploaded a few of the earlier episodes. If you guys dig it and let me know I’ll put more up. Please note there is a ton of explicit language used on this show. Those who are faint of heart and can’t take harsh words in proper context need not apply. With that said…enjoy!

The Black Phillip Show DOWNLOAD


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