*smh* Some people (read Shino) will probably be mad that I’m reporting this but hey it’s real. This Japanese guy has taken his obsession (my opinion) with a Nintendo DS video game character to the point of marrying it. I’m sure this man would not be pleased with me calling his new wife an “it”. You just have to see the video to believe it.


I was discussing Buddy Guy with a co-worker and she brought up that he did a version of Aint No Sunshine. I’ve always loved this song and was kinda blown away when I heard the version done by the late great (still can’t believe I’m saying this) Michael Jackson. In case you haven’t been exposed to the greatness that is this song lets go through it.

Bill Withers

Michael Joseph Jackson

Buddy Guy & Tracy Chapman

Tom Jones

Move Your Bag Keep Your Life!

November 23, 2009

I’ve been bothered many times by folks who choose to have a bag placed in a seat on the train. Now I’m not bothered by just the bag on the seat instead it’s the general apathy towards moving it for a human to sit. COME ON PEOPLE! If your bag is so precious that it cannot sit on the floor, place it in your lap. It’s quite simple to me. However it seems not everyone feels this way and on this past Saturday aboard a D-Train in Manhattan this mindset caused a fatality.

Two NYC MTA riders are on the D-Train in they city. One has a seat with a bag on the seat next to him. A man who is standing would like to sit in the aforementioned seat but is denied much like driving to hole on Shaq. The problem is the sitting man was not 7’1 nor 300+ lbs. He also didn’t plan on the man he was denying having a temper and a knife. The standing man apparently an exterminator stabs the man siting in the neck and kills him.

Should this man have stabbed another man because he was denied a seat for a bag, probably not. Do I understand his frustration? ABSOLUTELY! The arrogance displayed on the MTA on a daily basis can be quite ridiculous. Now I don’t see this shooter being seen as some sort of Bernhard Goetz, the city isn’t in the same space currently. However I do feel some folks might not have so much sympathy for the “victim” in this case.

Lesson to be learned: MOVE YOUR BAG!
Read the full story HERE.

This is the type of stuff I read about in those New World Order books back in high school. Europe no longer being a “continent” but a unified front. The whole world following suit soon after is how the books has it all playing out. I haven’t felt like this since I first saw smart card commercials back in the late 90s. Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy has now been elected by the European Union officials as the first European President.

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Smart.fm My New Addiction

November 19, 2009

An old friend of mine told me months ago about a new job she was taking at a website called Smart.fm. Immediately it sparked my interest because I’m currently a member of Last.fm (the music streaming community site). She told me that Smart.fm was a website where you could learn almost anything you want for free.

For some reason I took my sweet time getting really into the site but once I did I was hooked. I’ve been teaching myself Japanese off and on for years now. However lately I’ve gotten a little more serious and started studying how to read the language. I now use Smart.fm on a daily basis to help with my reading comprehension. The really dope thing is that they monitor how much you study for the day so you don’t over do it and cram. I highly recommend this site and they even have a (free) app for the iPhone.