I woke up this morning and started my normal routine. Hop in the shower to get refreshed. Get my clothes and things together and load up twitter on my phone. On the train ride in I read an update which says Black Cop killed by white officer in Harlem. Immediately I’m filled with anger and resentment. I feel as thought I’ve made this post before on the MotherGreen blog.

This time an off-duty cop with gun drawn is in pursuit of a possible car thief. Another two cops in an unmarked vehicle see the chase and join in. They yell for the gun holder to stop. He does and as he turns they shoot him dead. This man was an officer of the law who happened to be Black which was his fatal mistake in my opinion.

Please show me the instances of white cops shooting white officers by mistake. “I’ll wait” (c) Kat Williams. This only happens to my people and I’m SICK of hearing about training! No amount of training is going to erase generations of discrimination and hate which has festered within the NYPD. I’m starting to think people need some blood in the streets in order for these cops to wake up. We are not walking target practice nor are we all criminals. There are plenty of white criminals just the same. *smh* DAMN!

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I’m DONE! Now for some theme music.


Weekend Warrior pt.1

May 28, 2009

What a weekend.

I got to ride my bike through the streets of Brooklyn with the sun kissing my face. I went down to Dance Africa on Saturday to start the weekend off right. The fish was in full effect. So many beautiful people out in the streets. I loved seeing all my Brooklyn representatives showing out their best outfits and smiles for family. There was a group of women having a double dutch set going on right in front of the Brooklyn Acadamy of Music. This was right across from the steps to BAM which was filled with people (including myself) chowing down on some tasty outdoor grub. My favorite bakery in Brooklyn Abu’s had a nice presence along the street fair.

At one point I bumped into the Afro Mosiac Dance Collective at their booth. My boy Scott straight pulled my bags out of my hands so I could join both he and his brother dancing to some house music. After a few moments of heavy duty vibing there was a whole crowd around us watching. I saw one of my dance partners Rachone in the mix and pulled her out to cut a rug (or asphalt in this case). While in the mix my childhood friend James Mills pulled me out of the circle to see another elementary school friend I haven’t spoken to in YEARS. After that it was back to the circle.

There were so many BBQ’s going on that I didn’t know what to do with myself. After the first day of Dance Africa and enjoying the day with the beautiful Shino and our comrade Stephanie I joined some friends for some chilling and grilling. I met up with the loveable old James and Alma to get some turkey dogs and watch their hometeam lose to LA (sorry guys).

Sunday was the major day for the weekend, with Shan’s BBQ on deck I couldn’t wait to hit the streets. After getting lunch at Dance Africa again I met up with Shino, Stephanie and her family in from Seattle to take in the scene. When I returned from a run to the store I found Shino talking with a friend of my family, the great photographer Jamel Shabazz. We got a chance to talk about the history of some of his photos and the impact his work has had on people (including myself). If you haven’t purchased any of his books PLEASE run to get A Time Before Crack.

After that we scooped up Lorraine and made our way to Long Island CIty for the super dope deck BBQ hosted by my man Shan Boogie. The music was on point as well as the food. Tons of beautiful people from the window to the wall. The MotherGreen team was in full effect shaking hands and kissing babies (well not the latter but definitely the former). The party was rocking until …

Pt 2 coming up (c) ODB but peep the pics for now by the kid.

Down in Philly the city of brotherly love it seems a “brotha” can’t get a fair shake. A mother wants to take one of her three children to Disney Land. Fine. There’s nothing wrong with that right? However once you cook up a story to the police regarding two black men kidnapping your daughter that’s when the record skips.

This woman told authorities that the two men rear ended her truck with a 1990’s Cadillac (yeah two cats are gonna mess up their ride to kidnap your daughter for no reason). The men then physically hit the little girl and threw her in the trunk of their car. Pretty elaborate story eh? All a lie, yes.

It turns out the woman just wanted a private getaway with her daughter to Disney world and did all of this to throw cats off her scent. Are we that disposable people? This makes me look back to Susan Smith who said a Black carjacker kidnapped her sons. The reality of the situation was she killed her children herself. Why make a Blackman your go to criminal to throw the police off your scent? There is plenty of history in this country of whites accusing black people of crimes they didn’t commit and the results being much worse than an undue prison sentence. I’m glad that in this day and time a case like this can be quickly debunked and justice (hopefully) served.

Let’s be glad we don’t have to add this to another “fit the description” tragedy tale.

For the full story click the link below.
The Full Story

Growing up in Brownsville I never had much to be proud of regarding my home. It was ALWAYS one of the most violent neighborhoods in Brooklyn (which I guess you COULD be proud of). There were crack addicts everywhere during the 80s. The overall education level was low and we had very few people come from the neighborhood and “make it”. That all changed when Iron Mike Tyson stepped on the scene.

Here was a young cat from my neighborhood that took the world of boxing by storm. At age 20 he won a heavyweight championship belt, setting a record for the youngest to ever do it. His left hook was the stuff of legends. To top all of this off, Mike came back to the hood. He would often come and visit old friends from his childhood and overall share his love with his old neighborhood. When I was a young lad in summer camp Mike showed up in a red Porsche (something I never saw in real life at that point) to greet the young folks. I mean this was the Heavyweight champion of the world in front of me (not that much taller than me ha!). Not too long after that his life hit a downward spiral that we are all familiar with and I feel no need to revisit today.

In the aftermath of a documentary showcasing his life as it stands today Mike is hit with another low blow (pun intended). His 4 year old daughter meets an early death from an accident on a treadmill. I’m sending my prayers out to Mike and his family. While this is not a man who was seen by many as someone to admire, I always felt sorry for him. I knew where he came from and saw the heights he was able to reach. It seems like as he now pushes past age 40 and is starting to get some clarity about his life something like this kicks him. I hope he is able to maintain and grow from this grief.

Here’s a tribute to one of my childhood heroes who has long since fallen on hard times.

Mos Def – Casa Bey

May 26, 2009

Brooklyn’s own Mos Def is getting ready his new project The Ecstatic. This will be his first album on new a new label. If this song is any indication of what’s to come, the boy might be back on his deen. I love the experimentation being exhibited on this song. Just seems like a real cool jam session that was captured and put out. Sometimes jam sessions should remain jam sessions but when the result is a song like Casa Bey I say go for it musicians. The album is due to release June 9th on Downtown Records (home to Santigold & Justice and others).

Mos Def – “Casa Bey” – The Ecstatic – 6.9.09