Why You Need Von Pea’s Album

November 10, 2010

You like hip hop? I know that sounds like I’m standing outside of Fatbeats (R.I.P) trying to sell you my latest CD-R of hot music straight from the Mecca of hip hop. But I’m not. I haven’t made up my own rap in years (not counting freestyle sessions at my boy K-Dot’s crib in Jersey). However in this age filled with disposable music accompanied by a lack of disposable income I present to you all Von Pea. Von is 1/2 (much success to Ilyas in his solo career) of the rap group Tanya Morgan. Von is a fellow Brooklynite and student of the Rap School of Lyrics. On the Tanya Morgan albums you can tell that he puts serious thought into his lyrics. His solo album is no different.

Pea’s Gotta Have It is Von Pea’s first solo album. It’s the second solo release from Tanya Morgan since Donwill’s album “Don Cusack In High Fidelity”. Von chose his solo debut to revisit his childhood a bit (a man after my own heart). This album is the record Von wanted to make when he was still in grade school. Many of the songs deal with juvenile issues like open school night, the importance of new sneakers and the all important battle of the sexes. I love that this album is compact and chocked full of style. The songs are actual songs, not just verses on beats. The production handled by Aeon, Brick Beats and Von himself is perfect for this project.

The first single “The Yorker” is redic and should easily fit into a radio format (but who cares). The songs where Von discusses his involvement with women never seem forced and all have a sense of respect and wonder that keeps you coming back. Get Violated sounds like a record The Fresh Prince would have made during his hey day and seems like a homage to one of Von’s favorite rappers. The Aeon produced Boombox seems to be my favorite song although that changes almost every time I listen to the album.

These days I find it hard to sit with albums and come away with an experience that satisfying. A lot of albums have the staying power of mixtapes with about the same level of depth. Von stares that trend in the face and comes with something original and with purpose. So stop playing yourself and cop this album.



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