Mobile Suit Gundam

November 24, 2010

I’ve recently taken up watching the original Gundam series. I first got into Gundam through the Wing series that used to air on Cartoon Network back in the 90s (when the network was worth a damn). That show was so ill to me back then. Ironically it was a cartoon that showed me how war can easily be without a good or a bad guy. Instead the two warring factions were just countries with opposing interests. Neither was necessarily good. A lot of people were killed and in the end the victors were the ones with the strongest military backup.

Now that I’m watching this original Gundam show I see they start out by letting the viewer know that both sides have killed about the same amount of people. So no one is better than the other in that respect. One faction called Zeon is fighting for independence. They never go into why they want independence, at least not yet. You just automatically go for the side which has the Gundam because you see it’s people being killed randomly by military attack. The problem is you never see why they are being attacked to begin with.

I really like the pacing of the show and the action is very good. However seeing how there’s a sever lack of sappy dialogue (a good thing) I’m left wondering why some of the later iterations of the Gundam franchise (see Gundamn Seed Destiny & Gundam 00) have such a soap opera feel to them. The animation used in Mobile Suit Gundam is very dated but that doesn’t deter me. I still play Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for the NES so that shows you where my need for visual stimulation lies.

So if you like old anime and need something to watch, give Mobile Suit Gundam a shot. I watch it on


One Response to “Mobile Suit Gundam”

  1. Universal Truth said

    Gives new meaning to MSG.

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