Calm Before The Storm

January 29, 2010

Sometimes we have something to do and we have to prepare for it. The way I prepare is I totally still my body. I slow down my breathing so that I get the full meditation out of every breath. Then when I feel calm I go out and do my best. It’s in these times that I remember, nothing in the world is permanent. With knowing that, I find myself in a better space to let go of things. I am in a space to accept change and remain swift and changeable myself.

I will carry this mind state with me to Irving Plaza tonight where I along with 11 great folks will perform in front of many of our friends and family. When the moment hits I will fully enjoy and stay engaged…until it’s over. Even the greatest moment is impermanent and thus you must let go. Peace


2 Days to HHK Championship

January 28, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day people. The second ever Hip Hop Karaoke Championship is going down. 12 contestants all putting it down for the second win the G contest. My love affair with Hip Hop Karaoke started some years ago down in the LES. It’s wild to think that so much time has passed and I’m still quite active in it. Last time there was a championship I didn’t fare well, and caught a 1st round knock out. This time I’m going strictly for the fun factor.

Lets take a moment to go through some moments in my HHK history.

The one that got me in the championship

The whole fam here

hmm, now lets try and get something to eat. (c) MF Doom

When I was a kid (which is how I start too many of these posts) it was a big deal finding 5 bucks in the street. It was if the world had just opened up to me and there were infinite possibilities. I could go and get a Chinese food dish (not just french fries). I could go and get an Italian Cheeseburger (Kennedy Fried Chicken Chef Specialty). I could also just sit on it and think for a long time of what to do.

I think Doom captured this feeling perfectly with his line that starts off this post. Nine times out of ten you would take the money to get something to eat. If you got a larger piece of cash in your hands (say 50 bucks) you gotta tell your mother. That’s something you gotta share with the family.

Ahhh the simpler days.
Madvillian – Curls

Being a Jets Fan

January 22, 2010

I’ve been a fan of the NY Jets since I’ve known there was a game called football. I don’t know what started this abusive relationship exactly. I guess it doesn’t really matter because after 30 years and no championships between myself and the Jets, the chain remains. I remember the days of watching Al Toon play for Gang Green. We weren’t winning much then and in the new millennium not much has changed… UNTIL NOW BABY!

I don’t claim to be the biggest Jets fan. I’m not. I don’t even follow football that much anymore simply because the Jets lose often and there’s only so much heartbreak a man can take. However this season I happened to have an HDTV, which if you didn’t know forces you to watch football. In watching the games this season I saw a team with strong defense and a young QB willing put in the effort. This was not the same team that let me down last year with Brett Favre. And now after all the nay saying from inside and outside the team (yeah I’m looking at you coach lol) they are in the AFC championship.

This Sunday I plan to sit down with the Jets glasses my mother got me for the holiday (How do Mothers always know?) and watch a great game. Do I want my team to win yes. Will it be hard as hell to beat the Colts, YES. Ultimately I think the Jets know that they have already beat out the expectations of most people. I salute my fellow Jets fans. To those of you who watch every game and paint yourselves green, I leave the analysis to you.

Time Waits For No Man

January 20, 2010

Over the holidays I spent time with my family like most people do. There was a moment where I was talking with my 8 year old nephew and almost started to tear. It hit me that he’s 8 years old now and I still remember when I held him in my hands.

We sometimes expect the people who are in our lives today to be there tomorrow and that’s not always the case. Usually we reflect on this type of thought when someone passes on, but I say there’s no time like the present. Give that extra long hug just because you’ll miss it when they’re gone.

The children in our lives will not be children forever. There will come a time when they no longer want to play sports with you, or just want to be with you. Childhood is a special time and I think as adults we have an opportunity to enrich that time. Play table tennis or take your young ones to the park and play with them. A little race up the block never hurts. Just don’t wait until they become teenagers and you start to loose touch.