Ed’s Remix of the Week

September 29, 2010

This week we are taking a trip to the West Coast. Back to a time when the Likwid Crew was together and putting out quality music and Loud Records was on top of the game. A young hungry rapper named Xzibit was tearing up the scene making a name for himself. This was before the phrase “Lambo doors” would become commonplace in his daily life.

Unfortunately X got down with Dre and lost who he was as a rapper, chasing the success he received with his Restless album. However he did eventually get the coin he looked so hard for with a out of nowhere show on MTV, along with a few movie roles.

Enjoy this jam from his first album with Mobb Deep on the remix.
Eyes May Shine (REMIX)


Ladies and Gentlemen. I bring before you a talent who is well known in the world of poetry. My good friend and fellow lover of dance, good music and poetry. Peep this video from his upcoming project Perpendictive.

More of the same…

September 28, 2010

In the video linked below two young males one white and one black attempt to steal a bike. The reactions by each passerby to both boys is very interesting. I’m not surprised by this video at all. It’s good to see it on display for those who might be though. In this world of political correctness an honest dialogue about race in hard to find. In order to not seem racist people suppress their feelings and ideals in public. What we are left with is a society of individuals who allow their subconscious thoughts to surface at the worst time (physical altercations, threatening situations, etc.) leading to unfortunate results. Unfortunately you can’t legislate how people should feel. They may change the appearance of their feelings but the emotion is still there.

What would you do in this situation?


So What You’re Pregnant!

September 24, 2010

On the train this morning I saw a obviously pregnant woman stand. She was not offered a seat by anyone! The immediate area where she stood was occupied by four women and one man. They all decided that she should stand. I watched this go on while the woman in the middle looked directly at her and continued to sit. The others pretended to not see her. The man placed his head in his hands as if to say this woman did not exist. These goat mouth heathens should be beat. They should be purged!

So take a good look at the picture above. These are the culprits. Unfortunately I couldn’t snap the pic before one of the hooligans got up for their stop. To those who couldn’t find it in their hearts to get up, SHAME ON YOU!

BONUS: And what’s funny is the main woman in the blue is looking at me while I write this like she KNOWS I’m gonna tell the world about her dirty deeds. *cheese smile*

It’s funny, this morning I decided to listen to the original version of Jay’s Vol.3 album. Lyrically Jay was on the ball for that album. However you could see that he was trying to replicate the success he just got for doing Vol.2. But honestly who could blame him? If you just sold 5 million records you would try to do it again too wouldn’t you? Hell Michael Jackson was chasing Thriller until the day died. However it’s seems like Jay has found a happy medium since then. He’s started a new label with mega promoters Live Nation and just played a mega concert at Yankee Stadium sharing the spotlight with none other than Eminem. The boy is doing alright.

I’ve been a Jay fan since his days of rapping with Original Flavor. I had a Jay-Z postcard of the feeling it single taped to my bedroom wall when I was a teenager. I was putting my classmates on to him when the maxi single for Dead Presidents dropped. To see this man from Marcy projects finally on the cover of a prominent magazine he used to rhyme about makes me smile. Score another one for Brooklyn.