Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson

The weather reports let it be known that hitting 95 and higher was very possible. This is not weather to act a fool in. However for Michael Joseph Jackson I will go above and beyond. Spike Lee and DJ Spinna decided to let the world know that Brooklyn will never forget MJ and we want the world to know his greatness.

Shino and I had a friend in town from DC, Motoko, and the three of us eased on down to Prospect Park. As we entered from Ocean Ave I could hear my favorite song from the Dangerous album “Who Is It.” This is a song I never EVER hear outside of my own headphones. I knew the day was going to be special. Almost immediately we found our friends Lorraine, Cynthia and the rest of the fun bunch. We sat our bags down filled with water and got ready to dance and sing our hearts out.

There was a nice crowd in the park which continued to grow as the day went on. A section of folks wouldn’t move past the trees scared of the suns relentless rays. Those of us who chose to brave the direct heat were treated to a true communal spirit. A gang of MJ impersonators were on deck both young and old. Once I hooked up with my man 50 grand B. Polite the dancing went up 5 notches. DJ Spinna threw on everything from “Dancing Machine” to “It’s the Falling in Love” to my favorite MJ song period “Another Part Of Me”. There were tons of beautiful women sprinkled throughout the crowd, all looking to dance and have a good time. There wasn’t a speck of pretension in the place. My favorite moment of the day was when my friend Lorraine jump started an electric slide session. As the numbers grew and grew I got caught up in the moment and had to fight back tears. I love my people and the love we can show for one another.

Spike Lee had a few nice surprises for us like free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, MJ T-shirts and a visit from none other than a sequined gloved Snoop Dogg. The place went crazy when the Doggfather took the stage with the homie Warren G. Both performed for a lil bit and showed some West Coast love for MJ. It was all for the Love, L.O.V.E.

We will forever miss MJ, but at least we have moments like this to come together in his name and help his dream of universal love become realized.

Luckily my good friend photographer Richard, and lady Shino got a number of pictures and footage of the event. Here’s some of the video Shino captured. Enjoy.


iPhone 4


I am now without a phone. Naked to the world, also known as off the radar and it all started when I took my nephew to Six Flags Great Adventure. We caught an early Port Authority bus out to the amusement park with my lady Shino and our friend Yumi. The four of us were ready for adventure, screams and overpriced unhealthy food. The first thing we discovered was that now at Great Adventure for most of the big rides you have to place your bags in a locker for 1$. Instead of paying one buck per ride we found a stationary locker for 11$ (highway robbery I know). It was at this point that I should have put my phone away, fatal mistake.

After securing out things we went to take on the Nitro roller coaster as our first ride. It was a great ride filled with huge dips, loopy loops, and enough twists to possibly send my phone out of my back pocket and into the swamp. I didn’t notice my phone was missing until we were leaving the second ride of the day, the Congo Rapids which left us all drenched in water. I felt my back pocket worried about water damage only to find that my situation was much worse. My pocket was wet and completely empty. After a brief retracing of steps and sad thoughts, I filled out a report with security and went on about my day. I mean I was planning on getting a new phone anyway. That 3G was becoming slower and slower and I am due for an upgrade to the iPhone 4. So it’s not all bad right, RIGHT?!?

So fast forward to me back in Brooklyn with no phone, working with my nephew on his penmanship. I’ve called two apple stores to find out that of course they are out of stock for the new phone. The SOHO store told me people are still camping out overnight for a first crack at the phone. Really. Camping outside for a phone. This is where we are America? Is this what’s hot in the streets? Camping outside overnight for a phone you have to pay for with your hard earned money? Not I said the cat.

It will take 3 weeks for apple to send me the new phone and I have a trip to North Carolina planned in two weeks. I kinda would like my phone before that trip. That said I’m not camping anywhere. I’ve never even camped in the woods before, so you think I’m gonna waste my first camping trip on these Manhattan streets? I’m not gonna be able to do it!

But in the mean time if you have suggestions on how I can get my new phone hit me up in the comments.

Welcome to the new crib.

August 4, 2010

I’ve been planning to move over to wordpress for ages now. Between the day job and freelance stuff I’ve just been away from my blog. Pardon the kid. But that’s alright cause now I’m back, to kill all the rumors and straighten the facts. First I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been writing for Fusicology almost on a regular basis lately. The last printed piece I did was on the Duck Down 15 year anniversary show. You can read that story here.

Outside of that I’ve just been enjoying life. The summer has been pretty dope but also really busy. I’m loving the world of copy writing. It feels good to get paid to follow my passion. It also helps that Mad men is back on the air. I know I’m kind of going all over the place but I rarely write from a stream of consciousness so bear with me please.

Last weekend I went to see Nas and Damien Marley perform in Williamsburg (aka my most hated place in NYC). The show was great and I’m in the middle of writing a full review for Fusicology. Once it’s published over there I’ll publish it over here. Boom.

With that said it’s late and while I’ve missed writing this thing it’s time to hit the sack (pause). Before I go though I want to say rest in peace to Jordan Rich Cofinco. Jordan was a young man whom I didn’t know very well but I’ve been blessed to know his father. It’s always sad when a parent has to lose their child and I just want to say, the Cofinco family is in my thoughts.

So until next time, Peace.

Dashaun from Brooklyn