This young lady is seen visibly upset and mouthing off in a college class. At some point she goes back and forth with the professor and one of the students. She is completely disrupting the class and believes she is in the right. The police are called and that’s when she decides…

To keep it real.


This made my day. A seemingly white man calls into C-SPAN to give criticism on the influx of “black so-called republican callers” who praise Barack Obama. Just watch the video. This is just comedy to me.

For the past two months I’ve been languishing in promotion limbo wondering when my title would change along with responsibilities, opportunities, and headaches. About two weeks ago I finally got the hard answer to that question. April 5th. That news was followed by an official congratulations letter from the company (signed by no one)making it official. I was now going to be a Jr. Copywriter working in advertising. I can officially place a picture of Don (The Man) Draper on my desk and it will be understood.

I’ve been wanting to be a copywriter since I joined this agency almost four years ago (time flies). I moved up the ranks of project management learning the ins and outs of traffic (ad speak) while keeping my eyes on the copy prize. I took a course at SVA got my first feel for the relationship between headline, body copy, and layout.

More than a year later i just filled out the form for my new business cards. Dashaun Simmons, Jr. Copywriter has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

I was talking to my homegirl Derrica yesterday about rap and I mentioned Homeboy Sandman. She didn’t know who dude was so for any of you out there missing the boat, here’s Homeboy Sandman. He’s NICE!

This is my favorite Homeboy Sandman song. Buttermilk!

Meth Ghost and Rae have had the streets and world wide innernets buzzing about their new project since Fall of last year. I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical. I purchased the Only Built For Cuban Links 2 album because New Wu was so gutter I couldn’t deny it. However after a week or two I was bored with it.

Now we have a new album from the three stars of that New Wu song doing a whole album together. Here’s the video for the first single “Our Dreams” which samples a MJ banger from the Forever Michael album. Let us know your thoughts.