Yokosuka Here I Come

May 31, 2012


I’ve played the game Shenmue so many times over the last ten years I can’t keep count. It’s one of my favorite games and an example of what Sega’s Dreamcast system was really capable of. The main reason I loved it was, it allowed me to experience Japan from my own home. I could walk through the streets of Yokosuka, talk to random Japanese people, go to a game center and even use a vending machine. All of these are normal activities for everyday natives of Japan.

As I write this I sit on a train headed to Yokosuka. The neighborhood I thought to be fictitious actually exists. I made a friend (Ko) the other night who lives there and agreed to show me around. This is really a dream come true for a game nerd like myself. He told me some of the shops I saw in the game still exist there. The city is changing but there is still evidence of the inspiration for Shenmue there.

I’ll add an entry on what I thought of the city next.


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