Nobody Does It Better (R.I.P. Nate Dogg)

March 16, 2011

“They can come closer than close…yeah.” There will never be another Nate Dogg. Others have tried (see Domino) but nobody has been able to duplicate the soulful gangster sounds of this Eastsider. Known to most people as the day one partner of Snoop Dogg along with Warren G in their group 213, Nate was the cat with the deep voice and sleepy eyes. While he was a singer I never doubted this cats gangster on record.

I’m a big fan of the Dogg Pound Gangsta Click (DPGC) and it hurts me to see Nate go. He’s been ill for a long time now but it doesn’t make his death any easier. Nate put it down on many Death Row classics although he never got to release his own debut through that label. His first album was a double disc which went the indie route and produced the banger for which this post is named after.

I still remember when I first heard his jam “One More Day” off the Murda Was The Case soundtrack. That song was very unique. The haunting track was perfect for Nate’s verses which displayed the desperation of ghetto life in each verse. However, truth be told he’s mostly known for telling women to “it aint no fun if the homies can’t have none” and reminding the homies to “smoke weed everyday”. Nate found a home on many anthems in hip hop and we will always keep him in our hearts.

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