My New Favorite French Rap Group

January 13, 2011

They are also the ONLY French rap group that I know of. This group SEXION D’ASSAUT was out in Senegal for the FESMAN festival just like me last year. I met some of the members and one of them spoke decent English. He was really cool and we exchanged information with hopes of staying in touch. Maybe I’ll be out in Paris soon and get to hang out with those guys. I heard while I was there that they were a pretty big group and seeing them perform definitely left an impression on me. When I got back home to the states I looked up the signature song I heard them do in Dakar. In this post is the video (DeSole) and I must say it’s really really dope! Since then I’ve found a song here and there from a mixtape they put out a little while ago. The music is ill even if I can’t even understand them!

This is even more fuel for me to learn French.

Unfortunately its hard to find a version of this video to embed in this post but I’m sure you can click a link. Enjoy folks!



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