Queen Mother At Last!

December 25, 2010

Ok the third day of our trip in Senegal the focus was as ever to find Queen Mother. The previous night I met a brother with a sparkle in his eye. He just seemed very genuine without speaking a word of english (maybe that was why). While eating breakfast I had a interesting conversation regarding his homeland of Mauritania. He let me know that he is a famous musician in his country. At least according to him, his Facebook fans and comments say so. (gotta love it) He also told me that Black people in his country don’t have significant power although they are a huge population.

Using Skype I was able to call a brother named Muhammed who was assisting Queen Mother and he let me know their location. Shino and I boarded a shuttle bus taking us to the hotel where they were stationed. It was momentous when we saw the woman we’d been searching for, sitting in a very humble unassuming area. Queen Mother was very happy to see us, elated even. She informed us that she was working on getting our third team member Rico there at that very moment! Shino and I finally received our badges for the festival and were then directed to join a conference. We were then in jeans and t-shirts amongst delegates from all over the African diaspora representing our new home at the original home of all humanity. It was there that I heard people from all over discussing Pan-African ideals in a huge forum. An amazing experience to say the least.

After leaving the forum we left on an expedition to Goree Island to see where the African slaves were held before leaving their home. It was a humbling experience. One I will express further in my next writing.


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