Walking The Streets of Senegal

December 21, 2010

Today was a walking day. The plan was to walk over to the hotel we believed to be a temporary home for Queen Mother. Queen Mother is an interviewee in the We The People project but she is also the projects liaison to Fesman, not to mention a U.S. Ambassador of Good Will. By all means we had to find her in order to figure out where and how our project would be shown. Also she was essential to bringing our third member Rico to Senegal.

Shino and I started out the day with our new friend Brahim from Morocco. While attempting to leave our makeshift artist village we ran into a great dance rehearsal. The movements were mesmerizing and foreign yet very familiar. I guess the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, even if the branch is stretched across the Atlantic.

Once we had seen enough, the three of us made our way down road with only dirt and gravel as the side walk. Once outside the confines of the village a couple of hustlers descended upon us. Only one managed to keep up and make his pitch. He told a story of being a new father preparing to celebrate a his new son. According to his custom he wanted to give us a gift in the form if trinkets. That “gift” would later be asked to be returned when no donation was given.

After that minor detour we found a small restaurant for something to drink and good conversation. Brahim told Shino and I about his upbringing in Morocco and how “the kids today” knew nothing. He talked of sparing the rod to spoil the child and how the Egypt of today is more of a middle eastern country while in the past it was firmly North African in culture.

We eventually parted ways with Brahim as we would walk the rest of the way to the hotel we HOPED held Queen Mother. As we walked in I noticed a few Caribbean brothers sitting in the lobby. Later I would find out that they were the entourage for the great Reggae artist Capelton.


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