Cold Weather Love

December 15, 2010

I have no problem with cold weather. I’m from New York City and I’ve lived through my fair share of snow storms. I’m talking about storms where the schools were closed along with the offices. Back in the days in my projects we would have epic snow fights whenever it snowed heavy. I’m talking about everyone except the elders on the block getting bodied by snowballs. It was a favorite pastime of Brownsville. Sure we loved the summers too, but the winter held it’s own mystique and positive qualities. Now when I talk to folks all I hear is “man I don’t know how much longer I can take this cold.” or “I’m moving out of New York for somewhere warm.” I’m not knocking it but I’m saying…what’s wrong with the cold?

I’m a fan of sweaters. Turtle neck sweaters, knits, chain link knits, v-neck wool joints, I’m talking sweaters people. You can’t wear sweaters in any other weather besides winter. I have a Christmas Polo Ski Man sweater that I wear once a year in December. I wait all year to wear that sweater. If I move to a place where it’s warm all year around I can’t rock that sweater! And I love rocking boots! To me the winter is the best season for fashion. Maybe I romanticize metropolitan cities in the winter but I love em. I mean I love the city of Chicago and I’ve ONLY been in the winter. My friends from Chicago call me crazy for that. Hell my homie Lynette banned me from “The Crib” until I get a ticket to arrive in the summer. I’m sure it’s beautiful but I have a certain affinity for “THE HAWK”. For those of you not knowing, The Hawk is a term for really strong wind/cold weather. Some believe the term originated in the windy city. I must say, I’ve never felt cold like the winds in Chicago. It cuts right through your layers to the bone! I love walking through downtown Chitown listening to Common’s Resurrection album trying to find a Giordano’s to fill my belly. Hell in Chicago, instead of saying something is “hot” to show how much they like it, Chicagoans say it’s “cold”. It’s easy to see why I love the place.

So don’t get mad at the cold. There is nothing wrong with 32 degrees or below. Put some thermals on and a scarf. Pull your skully down extra tight and make sure you put on some Smif N Wesson or Wu Tang Clan to brave the elements. Don’t worry the wind doesn’t bite, unless you’re walking down Stoney Island. Then I can understand your tears and frown. But I say embrace the 4 seasons. They are all special.

Here’s a few songs to get you through this cold time of the year. Salute to all my cold weather lovers rocking those Timberland boots, with a North Face coat and Thinsulate gloves on.


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