We The People have something to say!

November 1, 2010

I grew up in Brownville Houses, a housing project in east Brooklyn, bordered by Crown Heights, Canarsie and East New York. Growing up in the projects I had a very interesting upbringing. I knew about families sticking together in hard times, deplorable building conditions and plain old struggle. The main word that describes the projects for me is struggle. My mother worked two jobs at one point to put food on our table and keep the rent paid to NYCHA. We lived in a two bedroom apartment which often went without hot water or a working elevator to aid in our 4 floor walk up. I grew up with future teachers, animators, drug dealers, bus drivers, and musicians. All of us experienced the projects and we all have a story to tell. For some reason that story has been unheard until now.

From the mind of a young writer straight out of Washington D.C (Rico Washington), a project to tell the stories of the citizens of the New York City projects was born. Rico partnered with photographer Shino Yanagawa has worked effortlessly over the past year to bring the words and images of a forgotten people to life. Along the way I joined the group to assist in acquiring needed interviews and helped out in any other way possible finalizing the team. We have interviewed several amazing people like photographer Jamel Shabazz, activist, poet and motivational speaker Felipe Luciano, writer Nelson George and jazz musician Olu Dara.

Our project is near completion and has been accepted into the Fesman festival for 2010 in Senegal, Africa. The dream of three and the stories of many is on the verge of being displayed for the world. At this point we need all the support we can get from the public. We have a Kickstarter page where we are taking donations for the project to take it to Africa. We are also planning to hold several exhibitions in the United States. Our website Debunkthemyth.net is also up where you can read all about the project and view the trailer. We appreciate all the love and support the We The People project has received up to this point. Lets keep the movement moving people.


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