My Journey to the Park Slope Food Coop

October 25, 2010

I thought I would become a member of the blood gang before I would join the food coop. When I started dating my girlfriend she was already a member. She was a great cook and would always talk about this place she gets her food from. Telling me that the produce was organic and at a very reasonable price. Me being the man that I am thought “yeah yeah now check the method”. As long as the food kept on coming I was happy. Hell to me organic/non-organic food was food and as long as it was delicious I was to the good.

Time moved on, we moved in together and she started making a push for me to join said coop. I had gone to this place on Union St. in Brooklyn as her guest a few times, so I saw the inside of the coop. I saw some of the members and I’d learned about some of their rules. And I knew for myself I wanted NO PARTS OF IT! Good price or not some of those folks were plain old WEIRD. Plus in order to be a member I would have to work a few hours a month? And pay a membership fee (even if it’s one time)!?! Nah I was good on all that jazz. I would think about joining but then see how packed the coop would be at times and pass. Plus going there as a guest always made me feel like I wasn’t wanted and was an outsider. None of this helped to push me towards joining. It wasn’t until we watched Food Inc. one night on Netflix that I changed my tune.

After Food Inc. I looked into joining this crazy thing called the coop. Although after seeing some of the horrors that encompass the food industry of this country, I still decided to drag my feet a little bit. However the whole time my lady kept at me, sometimes causing arguments by doing so. Then finally after much languishing last month I joined the Park Slope Food Coop. I went though orientation, picked a job (from what was available) and started shopping. I can’t even front people, I really like it a lot. I don’t feel guilty when I shop anymore. I don’t use plastic bags anymore when I go grocery shopping. I’ve become a huge fan of arugula and kale. Who would have thought Dashaun from Brownsville would become a member of the coop my father passed often during his childhood growing up in Park Slope. For those who thought about joining but said to yourself “nah I’m good”, I say give it a shot. It’s not as bad as it seems. It’s actually kinda of fresh. (pun intended)

2 Responses to “My Journey to the Park Slope Food Coop”

  1. Universal Truth said

    I’d never join no Food Coop, Chicken Coop, or C Everett Coop.

    Theme Music: MeatLoaf – I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)

    • dashaunworld said

      hahahahaha Seriously though the food quality is really good. But check the joint, if you live with a coop member everyone in the household has to be a member. Wild for the night!

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