Ed’s Remix of the Week

October 20, 2010

Queens seems to have me stuck at the moment. When I first heard the “All We Got Iz Us” album from Onyx I was immediately drawn in. The album had a feeling of growth and the production was definitely a move in the right direction. There were a few super fresh remixes which came out of this second album. Today’s selection comes from the great Pete Rock. Pete could do no wrong in the 90s, and it seemed as if he had the Midas touch. However for some reason this particular remix went under the radar for the most part. Well here it is for you listening pleasure.

Onyx – Shout (Pete Rock Remix)


4 Responses to “Ed’s Remix of the Week”

  1. Universal Truth said

    My man Wil played this album heavy on his walkman and took any opportunity to put me on, but I kept refusing. It wasn’t until we took the most boring walk to the liqour store that I finally caved. I took the headphones from Wil and almost didn’t give them back. “All We Got Iz Us” is in stark contrast to the group’s debut and stands as a classic in it’s own right. Onyx achieved a darker vibe by boosting their lyrical potency and lowering their overall tone. “Bacdafucup” is wild, “All We Got Iz Us” is sinister.

    The credits show Fredro Starr as handling all of the production, which isn’t true. Agallah (aka 8Off) produced the album and was never given proper recognition. So, while Queens is the voice of this album, Brownsville is the heart. Big shout to Walkman Wil (aka The Gypsy).

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