My Dominican Nephew

October 7, 2010

This past weekend I went with Shino chan to the Dominican Republic. The purpose was to attend my friend Sofya’s wedding and get a much needed escape from NYC. DR was the first country I’d ever been to where all of the people working in the airport looked like me. Other than speaking spanish I saw a bunch of people who looked like folks I knew from the old block. There was even a worker at the hotel what resembled what my nine year old nephew might look like when he grows up. His name was Yankarlos and he was a very nice young man from the northern part of the Dominican Republic. He was very nice to Shino and I, unlike some other members of the staff who repeatedly tried to sell us timeshares. He looked so much like my nephew that for the whole trip I called him Nasir. We would walk into the lobby and say “there goes Nasir”, or “I wonder if Nasir is working today?”.

Dominican Nasir placed calls for us so we wouldn’t get charged. He helped us get to the hotel where Sofya and her husband to be were staying. He even gave us an in-depth discussion on the history of DR and it’s neighbor Haiti. He was very interesting to say the least. I’ll tell you guys about some of the other cool things about my trip in another entry (like me responding in Japanese to the Dominican waiters in our restaurant). Here’s my real nephew though.


2 Responses to “My Dominican Nephew”

  1. けいこ said

    made me smile too πŸ™‚

  2. Universal Truth said

    The real question is…did you tip with a jumbo knot or were you like; “Yo, I know we fam and all that, but my pockets is flat right now. I’m gonna shout you out on my blog though”. Holler!

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