So What You’re Pregnant!

September 24, 2010

On the train this morning I saw a obviously pregnant woman stand. She was not offered a seat by anyone! The immediate area where she stood was occupied by four women and one man. They all decided that she should stand. I watched this go on while the woman in the middle looked directly at her and continued to sit. The others pretended to not see her. The man placed his head in his hands as if to say this woman did not exist. These goat mouth heathens should be beat. They should be purged!

So take a good look at the picture above. These are the culprits. Unfortunately I couldn’t snap the pic before one of the hooligans got up for their stop. To those who couldn’t find it in their hearts to get up, SHAME ON YOU!

BONUS: And what’s funny is the main woman in the blue is looking at me while I write this like she KNOWS I’m gonna tell the world about her dirty deeds. *cheese smile*


3 Responses to “So What You’re Pregnant!”

  1. daoud said

    we as a society have lost investment in one another.. I believe it breaks down to the family level and lack of appreciation people have for one another as individuals even in the home.. we are no longer considerate or sharing common courtesy.. like nobody eats til everyone is seated at the table… lol this makes me think oif my sister who when pregnant and faced with a similar situation, got on her soap box and in a loud voice asked is know on on this train willing to give up their comfortable seat to a pregnant woman…

  2. Ed said

    A shame… I’ve seen it happen when I’ve been on the train too.

  3. Haha! I did a story a few years back with an anecdote about this. Shit happens all the time. Shame.

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