Canibus – Watch Who You Beef With

September 17, 2010

It’s hard to believe but there was a time when I would listen to Hot 97 everyday. On Sunday nights when Stretch Armstrong would rock shock the house I would definitely have my Mini Disc ready to record. There was this one song by Canibus (when he was still amazing) called Watch Who You Beef With that was just ridiculous. The beat was crazy and Bis did his thing on it. Unfortunately when it came time for his second album 2000 B.C. to be released the included version paled in comparison. After all these years I found the original version on youtube.

You know, I remember when the internet was still pretty fresh and new and Canibus had a flash heavy website that he owned and maintained, not his label. Bis was a tech savvy lyricist and he would have a lot of content on the website. Dude was ahead of his time. Too bad he couldn’t craft an album to save his life. A trip to his website these days leaves much to be desired. Damn you LL Cool J and your over sized ego! Canibus could have been great…or maybe not. Either way this song was great.



3 Responses to “Canibus – Watch Who You Beef With”

  1. Ed said

    F. Scott Fitzgerald said “there are no second acts in American lives.” This sadly applies to Canibus.

  2. Last I heard, the kat joined the military and was in a print ad for some local politician last year. My jaw kinda dropped when I opened my mailbox and saw him looking back at me. I think I scanned it onto my hard drive somewhere.

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