Currently Reading: The Corner

September 9, 2010

Years ago on HBO I saw a mini-series directed by Charles S. Dutton (ROC) about the sub-culture of heavy drug use in Baltimore, Maryland. I was not familiar with Baltimore at all when the show aired. “The Corner” exposed me to the harsh realities of needle poppers, and the decisions they make on a day to day basis. This was before the world of HBOs masterpiece “The Wire” and Avon Barksdale wanting his “Corners”. The beauty of this book is that it’s written by the creators of the previously mentioned HBO critically acclaimed series. I never finished the mini-series and that fact makes for some great reading. The writing is very detail oriented and at just over 100 pages in I’m depressed about what’s going to happen to these characters. A family broken up by drug abuse and still living around one another. They must live with the choices they have made and look one another in the face day in and day out. It’s extremely rough.

With that said I recommend it 100%.


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