Welcome to the new crib.

August 4, 2010

I’ve been planning to move over to wordpress for ages now. Between the day job and freelance stuff I’ve just been away from my blog. Pardon the kid. But that’s alright cause now I’m back, to kill all the rumors and straighten the facts. First I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been writing for Fusicology almost on a regular basis lately. The last printed piece I did was on the Duck Down 15 year anniversary show. You can read that story here.

Outside of that I’ve just been enjoying life. The summer has been pretty dope but also really busy. I’m loving the world of copy writing. It feels good to get paid to follow my passion. It also helps that Mad men is back on the air. I know I’m kind of going all over the place but I rarely write from a stream of consciousness so bear with me please.

Last weekend I went to see Nas and Damien Marley perform in Williamsburg (aka my most hated place in NYC). The show was great and I’m in the middle of writing a full review for Fusicology. Once it’s published over there I’ll publish it over here. Boom.

With that said it’s late and while I’ve missed writing this thing it’s time to hit the sack (pause). Before I go though I want to say rest in peace to Jordan Rich Cofinco. Jordan was a young man whom I didn’t know very well but I’ve been blessed to know his father. It’s always sad when a parent has to lose their child and I just want to say, the Cofinco family is in my thoughts.

So until next time, Peace.

Dashaun from Brooklyn


One Response to “Welcome to the new crib.”

  1. Torin said

    My heart goes out to Rich. I haven’t seen him in years, but he is in my thoughts as well.

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