Back From Japan With Tales to Tell

May 7, 2010

Peace True Believers,

I returned from Tokyo, Japan Monday night feeling refreshed and ready to accomplish all. My time was well spent with friends whom I now consider family. I’ve been learning to read and write hiragana and katakana as well as a little kanji and it helped a lot with reading signs. I have so many stories to tell and they are so dope, I want to get each their own shine.

My first full day in Tokyo, Shino took me to a flower festival in Ueno. The view was simply beautiful. There were a lot of people there taking pictures and purchasing things from the vendors. We walked around for a lil bit while being closely trailed by a mother and her energetic son. The little boy repeatedly left his mother behind as he was eager to cover more ground amongst the large group of strangers. They day was rather sunny which was a big contrast to the gray cloudy weather I arrived to a day before.

After a nice walk through we found a cool cafe for some tea while we waited to meet up with Shino’s sister Chiho. Once we were all linked up we walked down a number of streets, taking in the sights of Ueno and it’s many different flowers. At one point we found a type of puppet store where there was a man using a hand puppet to illustrate a woman’s face. He did a very good job and captivated everyone who walked in.

After the puppet show we felt it was time to head back home but decided to take the long way. So we walked down to Ueno park which had tons of people in it that day. On the way to the park we passed what seemed to be a large school facility. The architecture was striking and the gift shop located in the rear was very nice. After walking through the park we got back on one of the many Tokyo train lines and went home. It felt good to be back in Japan.

I’ll have plenty more stories about my trip to Japan so just stay tuned people… stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Back From Japan With Tales to Tell”

  1. Steph said

    You know Smif N Wessun was performing in Japan (tokyo)last week and this past weekend. Did you get to see them? Beautiful picture. I am so jealous!

  2. @Steph I heard they were out there. I didn't get to see them I was soo busy. I was originally trying to bring them out there myself. I'm glad they got to make the trip.

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