Before The Video Games

March 23, 2010

Remember playing outside with your friends? I do. This past weekend I spent some time outside playing with my nephew and niece (8 and 2 yrs old respectfully) on my old block. The kids brought their scooters with them to the park and that was fun for about 3 minutes. Then we went over to the jungle gym so my nephew could play tag with some other kids. My lady and I kept my niece occupied with slides and a little handball we found.

While in the park I ran into my boy Illanoyz whom you might remember from the first two Heltah Skeltah albums as well as the Boot Camp Click album “For The People” where had a solo track. I haven’t seen Noyz in years and he had his children in tow. We took a minute to think back to a simpler time. Noyz remarked that this was where it all started for us. Playing in the parks with one another before we had serious video games. I agreed and realized that that’s how we got to know folks from different blocks. Noyz told me that this park was his kids favorite place to play and a few minutes later told them it was time to go. “Yall too big for this park now.” All I could do was nod my head and smile. I too, am “too big” for this park now and serve a different role. I’m ok with that, although I do miss those great games of Freeze Tag with my friends.

I can’t wait to take the young ones out again.


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