Gentrification In Brooklyn Makes It To NY1

February 8, 2010

The MoCADA exhibition opening was a huge success. The place was packed and I ran into a bunch of my old Brooklyn friends, plus made some new ones. There were some really cool pieces on display and some I didn’t really get. I gotta say I loved the paintings by Tim Okamura. He’s a talent that folks should look out for. My boy Ali Santana put together some really cool videos showing both proud and critical views of Brooklyn. Spec Boogie a rapper from Bed Stuy starred in the two videos.

You can view the video of NY1’s coverage here.

P.S. I’m in the video!


2 Responses to “Gentrification In Brooklyn Makes It To NY1”

  1. I wanted to go to the opening of this exhibit. Out of both necessity and curiosity. I need to make it my business to get over there this week.

  2. You need to see this exhibit mang. Some nice pieces and then you can come over for dinner afterwards.

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