My New Favorite Comic: Unknown Soldier

January 6, 2010

Yesterday I had lunch with my old college buddy Ed. In the past Ed has put me on to many great comic book and movie selections. While we sat to enjoy a recession induced cost effective Thai lunch (appetizer and main course for 6 bucks plus tax and tip!) Ed passed me a new trade book. This book would be the latest in my love affair with Vertigo comics. The title is Unknown Soldier and it is quickly seeping into my psyche.

I started reading this book yesterday on the way home and it’s graphic tales and images caused me to jump in my seat on the Q-train. I continued reading once I got home, and picked it back up for the commute headed in this morning. As I started my days work I could not get the images of this comic book out of my head.

Now for the story. Unknown Soldier is about a Ugandan doctor who returns to him home country to be a part of the solution. Somewhere along they way things go horribly wrong and this doctor becomes the “unknown soldier”. I will tell you no more because I want you to enjoy the story as fresh as I did.

This is a comic for adults as much of the language and images are not appropriate for anyone under 16 IMO. Take a trip to your local comic shop and pick this book up. Let me know what you think as I eagerly await your feedback.



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