Headed To The 2nd HHK Championship

December 9, 2009

On December 4th 2009 (Ether Day) I joined a number of really dope karaoke performers at the Mercury Lounge. The goal was to have the most fun on stage and possibly gain entry to the 2nd HHK Championship. The performances ranged from top tier to cringe inducing. However we all went to have fun and that was indeed had by all. The judges ranged from underground MC Pack FM to Label CEO and Manager extraordinaire Dru Ha. To offset those two was a vet in the show promotions arena (lets call him Mr. Schwartz).

What I loved about last Friday was that as a crowd we were so into being supportive that the judges named a group of us the FUN BUNCH! There was a time when a guy did Nas’ The World Is Yours and forgot when to start. I stared the first two bars for him and then he was off and running.

Here’s a few videos from the big winners on Friday. Come out and support everyone on January 29th at Irving Plaza as we go big for the 2nd annual Win The G contest!

The Kid

Robert Downey JR

Doni D



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