I guess it’s that time for World Disasters

October 1, 2009

First I hear about the terrible flooding in Atlanta. I’m sure there was a ton of damage down there. Next I see there was major flooding in the Philippines which is very scary. I have a bunch of friends who are from there. There is a serious push to get relief to Filipino people. For those of us who want to help the people who are under serious duress right now check this link and give what you can. This company (Xoom) is providing money transfers to the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) with no fee attached for a limited time. Lets make a difference folks.

Philippine Assistance

While I’m still digesting those two disasters Indonesia gets hit with an earthquake that kills over 700 people and the numbers are rising. *smh* So much death caused by nature. What makes rain hail snow and earthquakes?

I just got back from San Fransisco (which I will discuss later) and I noticed there is a surcharge on plastic bottles to encourage folks to recycle. While we possibly cannot change the situation regarding living in the ring of fire in the pacific, we can affect change here at home. Remain conscious of the abuse visited upon the Earth every day by humanity and the role we all play. Every moment is a choice, lets choose to be helpful rather than a hindrance and/or burden on our planet. What if Fulton St. got flooded or Guy R. Brewer BLVD? You would want people to assist in ending your suffering and rebuilding so lets do the same.

Remember that the Planet Earth is our home not just our respective countries or our block. We are responsible for every square inch of it. 196,940,000 sq miles. Lets treat it and it’s people with some respect.


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