Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

September 4, 2009

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Yes the summer is unofficially over (like it was ever really here). This is your last chance to score a BBQ or wear shorts and have it be justified by the time of the year. Honestly I don’t feel anything about this upcoming weekend. My overall feeling is eh. Sure I have plans, and I’m sure they will turn out to be great times. However right now none of that matters.

I think the opinion I hold that this summer has been one big FAIL is starting to take its toll on me. Because the summers in NYC are normally epic I choose to stay around. I should have traveled. There were very few reasons to be in NYC this summer.

That being said Sunday’s Prince vs. MJ will be epic as always. The fact that my day job has given us an extra day off (Tuesday) should put a smile on my face right? Right?

I say to you all to go out and enjoy your weekend. Maybe I’ll see you at the party?

One thing that’s for sure is you have a few more days go get your answers to the contest. Email us at

Enjoy people.


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