What A Ride!

July 8, 2009

*Photos by Shino Yanagawa*

On July 3rd Shino and I embarked on a grand ride through the city. Leaving from Flatbush to get lunch at bush baby we saw that the weather was perfect for a long ride. After eating we rode through Bed Stuy and Ft. Greene where I got my bike fixed to stop the squeaking. After fixing my bike we went to the Afrikan Street Festival which seems like it’s loosing it’s strength. There were very few people walking around to shop there. We then rode right out of the borough of Brooklyn and over the bridge into Manhattan. After the normal yelling at pedestrians to stay on their side of the bridge everything was smooth.

We shot through the village looking at the many well dressed folks along with the clueless looking foreigners. The next area to conquer was Central Park. So we took 6th Ave up through the middle of the city racing with handsome cabs and exchanging pleasantries along the way until we hit 59th street.

At this point the greenery of the park hit me and I could not help but to smile. This was the first time I rode my bike through Central Park all year. There were a couple of people out on bikes and skates trying to be healthy while enjoying the weather. The dreaded 110th street hill almost killed us all though. One guy plain got off his bike and walked it. (shameful) Also I must make mention of the beautiful pool in the north end of the park. I might have to pay a visit to take a swim later this month.

Once done with that hill we left the park and rode down the riverside. I couldn’t remember the entrance to the west side ride higher than 59th street so we just rode down the street paths. At one point we saw a Dominican older man who complimented a woman on her child, then looked at me and Shino and said “YOU’RE NEXT!”. I laughed and he then told us he had “3 children and 2 grandchildren…with 3 different women” and followed that statement with “NEVER AGAIN!”

After that we finally made it to the west side ride and looked over towards Jersey on this beautiful day. The ride was great going back down to battery park where there were plenty of families out for the day. There is a really dope looking restaurant right at the end of Battery Park kind of on the water. One day I will eat there (Take advantage of this beautiful weather people. You’ll never know when it might rain again.


One Response to “What A Ride!”

  1. Anonymous said

    You might want to avoid the Brooklyn Bridge for the duration of the tourist season. The Manhattan Bridge is fine- you ride next to the water and feel like a hard-core biker.Best,Deb

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