Easy Mo Bee

June 17, 2009

(Photo by Shino Yanagawa)

Listening to 2 Pac celebrating the date of his birth I ran across Temptations off the Me Against The World album. Easy Mo Bee put his foot in this song right here. From his singing on the bridge to the layers in the track this is one of my favorite Pac songs. It’s sad that he was locked up for the actual video shoot but the director did an excellent job in his absence.

Easy Mo Bee was one of the only producers (I think the only one) to work with both 2 Pac and Biggie. He’s one of the unsung heroes of Brooklyn to me. I remember a group he was a part of back in the 90s called Rappin Is Fundamental (RIF). They did this rap/sing thing that was cool and reminisent of the Force MDs.

I want to take you through a lil retrospective of the man who is responsible for MANY hits but gets no where near the love and respect he deserves. Easy Mo Bee, a Brooklyn legend.
Flava In Ya Ear Remix (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)
2Pac Temptations (produced by Easy Mo Bee)

Lost Boyz – Lex, Coups, Beamers, Benz (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)

Notorious B.I.G – Warning (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)


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