Some Black Men Stole My Child!!…Just Playin?

May 28, 2009

Down in Philly the city of brotherly love it seems a “brotha” can’t get a fair shake. A mother wants to take one of her three children to Disney Land. Fine. There’s nothing wrong with that right? However once you cook up a story to the police regarding two black men kidnapping your daughter that’s when the record skips.

This woman told authorities that the two men rear ended her truck with a 1990’s Cadillac (yeah two cats are gonna mess up their ride to kidnap your daughter for no reason). The men then physically hit the little girl and threw her in the trunk of their car. Pretty elaborate story eh? All a lie, yes.

It turns out the woman just wanted a private getaway with her daughter to Disney world and did all of this to throw cats off her scent. Are we that disposable people? This makes me look back to Susan Smith who said a Black carjacker kidnapped her sons. The reality of the situation was she killed her children herself. Why make a Blackman your go to criminal to throw the police off your scent? There is plenty of history in this country of whites accusing black people of crimes they didn’t commit and the results being much worse than an undue prison sentence. I’m glad that in this day and time a case like this can be quickly debunked and justice (hopefully) served.

Let’s be glad we don’t have to add this to another “fit the description” tragedy tale.

For the full story click the link below.
The Full Story


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