Chin Chin and Friends in Brooklyn

May 18, 2009

What a weekend people. The day after loosing my mind at another installment of Keistar’s Wonderful party with Bobbito and Spinna, Park Slope has a street fair. Now this isn’t just ANY street fair because the good folks at South Paw put together a stage set up on the street and my boys Chin Chin got to perform.

However before that performance I walked along 5th Ave to see some beautiful people and energy. My first focus was to get something to eat and I wasn’t really feeling walking while eating. Shino, my boy Richard and I met up and grabbed something at a new spot right above Union St. My Sunday lunch involved fish taco’s, complimentary flavored popcorn AND garlic fries. All were quite tasty and appreciated. By the time we were done eating we had about 20 minutes to kill before the Chin Chin performance a few blocks south.

We were now a group of four as the lovely Stephanie joined party (Ali you were missed). As we walked down 5th there were all kinds of corn being cooked, Thai food for sale right on the street (which didn’t look bad at all) and some really REALLY good smelling burgers on the grill. There was not a frown in the crowd at all.

Once we reached South Paw I ran into my boy Torbitt (drummer for Chin Chin) and got to catch up briefly before the performance. At this point my good friends James and Alma joined us and the crew was complete. Chin Chin rock shocked the house. The crowd was dancing along and a group of kids walking by just started breaking right in front of the stage along with the music. An older cat even got in on the action but bit off more than he could chew (he hurt his head doing a spin).

In case you didn’t know Brooklyn is the place to be this summer. make a note of it.

The pics below were taking my Shino and myself.


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