You Be The Judge *smh*

April 29, 2009

There was a special on Popeye’s chicken last week. I saw all the buzz about it on Twitter and However I don’t eat Popeye’s because they use Lard to fry their food and overall it’s just not healthy eating. As I saw folks on twitter going crazy about the deal I also saw reports and worries that the chain would run out of food with the huge demand this deal would bring. I read about stores being out of wings, thighs, hell all parts (can you believe that?). Now below I have two videos of newscasts documenting this very phenomenon. I hope we can all agree that chicken is a delicious food. People of all races creeds and colors enjoy a nice piece of the bird (if you eat chicken that is). I’ve been in a Popeye’s in New Orleans and the place was flooded with people who do NOT share my hue. Now you look at these news clips and you be the judge. What’s the agenda here? And from me to you my people… it’s just chicken, go home and cook yall. PLEASE!


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