Newsflash: Layoffs Suck

February 3, 2009

So today at the J. O. B. the ax came down on about 40 heads. Is this my first experience with layoffs? No. Will it be the last with the way this economy is going? Likely not. I’ve been on both sides of the layoff coin. Packing my stuff and saying good bye as well as shaking hands and giving well wishes. It’s never easy.
There’s always the same questions. Does this person have a family? How’s the job market at the moment? The mood in the office is tense. People go out for lunch to discuss what’s going on. There’s a company meeting to discuss/calm things. Rinse/Repeat.

I seem to be safe at the moment (like my ex-coworkers thought yesterday). Things are ugly in the streets. I have friends who have been unemployed for more months than I’d like to mention. I have freelance companies calling ME for leads. Not because they have opportunities, but things are so dry they are basically cold calling folks for work.

Now I grew up in the 80’s in NYC so I’m pretty much used to making it through hardship. I have a feeling a lot of these “New” New Yorkers who think NYC is sweet because of the Disney era Giuliani ushered in might be in for a rude awakening. I grew up in Brooklyn and sure my area wasn’t nice then and it aint nice now. However areas like Ft. Greene, North Flatbush, Crown Heights and especially Bed Stuy have had an influx of folks who haven’t lived there since before Civil Rights. Rents were raised, Subway franchise’s were opened and people were priced out. Fast forward a few years and the economy is in ruin, jobs are scarce and unemployment is up up UP. Folks are gonna start going back to the “get it how you live” mentality. Stick ups and the like I expect to rise. Harlem already lifted the ban on shoot outs last summer. The new residents up there already see the changes back to the bad ole NY.

So for those of you who think that layoffs begin and end in the office, I’d like to say think again. I am happy to still be employed for the moment and have put any National Lampoon European Vacation ideas on hold.

For those unfamiliar with Layoffs peep the ultimate movie on such a topic.


One Response to “Newsflash: Layoffs Suck”

  1. Edward said

    We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if some areas in the City happen to be on the news. We all knew this was going to happen anyway at some point. It’s like a cycle and like what they say: “History is bound to repeat itself.” But again, we’ll have to wait and see. As for the movie… “Office Space?” I can understand about getting angry because of being laid off. But let’s be realistic, they don’t get rid of you just because you happen to share the name of some pop singer that you don’t appreciate.

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