***DashaunWorld Newsletter*** #1

January 16, 2006

Peace, Tru believers

This is the first of what will be known as the
DashaunWorld Newsletter.

First a lil background.
I’m Dashaun, Pres. of DashaunWorld INC. We here at
DashaunWorld INC. (aka DWI) are dedicated to the
upliftment and enlightenment of Dashaun. I’m a full
time student with senior year approaching in the fall.
I work two jobs (shout out to IcedMedia and Iced
Records). Other than that I just dance the night away
when possible which is always.

Next week is gonna be a big week for DWI.
(beginning July 11th.)

Sunday – Fort Green Park (House/Dance Classics Party)

Monday – New Edition @ Wingate Park (I love my life!)

Tuesday – Getting my bills paid by going to work

Wednesday – Going to see Prince at MSG. YEAH!

Thursday – Still got bills to pay

Friday – Prince Vs. MICHAEL JACKSON party @ club
Shelter. (notice the caps)

Saturday – P.S. 1 out in Queens. The biggest party in
the city!

In between those events I will be just breathing,
smiling and keeping my eyes open for beautiful people.
For those who wish to be involved in said activities
you may reply.

Also ladies I’m currently taking applications for
dancing partners.


Rick James – Give it to me baby

peep the bass in this song. The boy is a legend.
why?…cause he’s Rick James Bitch! (no it hasn’t
gotten old yet)


I just finished reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X
(again) and it definitely has me motivated. Next on
the book list,I’m taking another stab at the book “Why
Black Men Love White Women”. No comment.

Please tune in next time for the DashaunWorldInc.


P.s. Happy Birthday to my boy Isa…stop eatin that
pork! (c) Ghost


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